Today\’s quote comes to us from President Obama\’s designated liar, Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Mr. Earnest, in explaining why our trade of five terrorists to the taliban  (one of whom apparently is already trying to reconnect with his terrorist pals) was not a breach of our “we don\’t negotiate with terrorists” policy, said this:

“Theydo carry out tactics that are akin to terrorism.They do pursue terror attacks in an effort to try to advance theiragenda….(but) they have a different classification.”

Have you ever seen such a hot, steamy load of mung in your life?  They act like terrorists, they do what terrorists do but…uh….they\’re not terrorists?  We\’re supposed to believe that this is a serious explanation?

That is the equivalent of going into someone\’s house, seeing a leash, a flea collar a bowl of Alpo, and concluding the family pet is a parakeet. 

I award Josh Earnest Quote Of The Day honors for trying to gloss over our obvious deal with the terrorist taliban by lying so overtly that even Baghdad Bob would have been too embarrassed to say the words.

Congratulations, Josh.  You leave Bob….and Jay Carney… the dust.

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