Today’s quote comes to us from Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist for Fox News – who lost both of her in-laws to COVID-19 this year after contracting the virus at their nursing homes.

Ms. Dean has made it her mission to expose New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s responsibility for these, and thousands upon thousands of other nursing home deaths, based on his March 25th mandate, which forced nursing homes to take in COVID-19 sufferers, and forbade them from even finding out which residents did and did not have the condition.

Do you blame her?  I sure don’t.

Ms. Dean’s latest statement about her efforts concerns the despicable, fraudulent way Cuomo and his people are counting nursing home deaths – i.e. by only counting people who died while in the nursing homes, not those who contracted COVID-19 in the nursing homes and were hospitalized before dying:

“I want a correct tally of deaths that happened here in New York  – all of the people that died in the hospital, like my mother-in-law, but got COVID in their assisted living residence or their elder care facility,”

“I don’t think he [Cuomo] wants people to know what the real numbers are because they are double – probably double – what he’s reporting.   Also, if we’re going into a second wave of COVID, those numbers should be used so that this never happens again to another family.”

There is nothing new about political coverups.  They happen all the time.  But the proliferation of coverups that are aided and abetted by our compromised, biased media is a terrible, dangerous component of those coverups…

…and media’s coverup of how many nursing home deaths there have been in New York State/how directly Governor Andrew Cuomo’s requirement that nursing homes take in COVID-19 sufferers contributed to that number is in a league of its own.

I award Janice Dean Quote Of The Day honors for fighting to make this information known, so that Cuomo – who the entertainment industry just “honored” with an Emmy for his daily reporting on the pandemic (which, of course, avoided any mention of the nursing home scandal) – is finally held to account for his actions.

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  • So, are the people who work in these facilities not wearing masks when they are around the elderly patients? Or are they not washing their hands when they show up for work?
    If they can’t stop covid from entering these types a facilities, why are they making us wear masks? It isn’t to mitigate covid, so there must be another reason.

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