Today’s quote comes to us from Jake Sullivan, who has been a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State and also an adviser to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

This, as pulled from Chuck Ross’s article for, was his assessment of President Trump’s decision to move our Israel Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – which he voiced “during an interview in late 2017 with CGTN, a Beijing-based media outlet controlled by the Chinese government”.

“This was a political decision, not a foreign policy decision. This was about Trump and his supporters. It was not about moving the peace process forward.

“It’s hard to find a good argument for this decision with respect to advancing the cause of peace in the Middle East.”

Brilliant, Jake.  Just brilliant.  (Yes, I am being sarcastic).  Let’s see how many ways you were wrong.

For one, this was not a political decision, this was the fulfilling of policy.  The United States Senate voted overwhelmingly to move that embassy to Jerusalem in 1995, 25 years ago. The only reason it hadn’t yet been moved was because no President until Trump had the guts or honor to do so.

As far as whether it advanced the cause of peace in the Middle East, since the embassy move, Israel – again, with major involvement by the Trump-led United States – managed to make peace and establish full diplomatic relations with three Arab states:  The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Sudan.  Trump’s involvement was so great that every one of those announcements was made not in Israel or the other three countries, but in the White House.

As far as making peace with Palestinian Arabs – those nice folks who adhere to a charter which calls for Israel’s obliteration and death to all Jews in or out of Israel – the status is unchanged.  They have not wanted peace for 70 years and they continue not to want it now.

I award Jake Sullivan Quote Of The Day “honors”, for demonstrating how completely wrong a so-called “foreign policy expert” is capable of being.

Oh, speaking again of getting things completely wrong, did I mention that Jake Sullivan will be Biden’s Natioanl Security Adviser?

God help us.


  • This ties into the blog you wrote two before this one.
    The media refused to do its job and report on what was going on. Instead every article was a hit piece on the president. This president did more for this country than the 4 previous ones put together. Had he had any cooperation this country would be even better than we are.

    • Whether you love, like, dislike or hate Trump, he has enormous accomplishments to show for four years in which he had absolutely no support/nothing but seething enmity from the Democrat Party and most mainstream media. Take that into account and his achievements are amazing.

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