Today’s quote comes to us from Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist at Fox News.

It concerns her reaction to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo being given, and accepting an Emmy “in recognition of his leadership during the Covid19 pandemic & his masterful use of TV to inform & calm people around the world.”

Why would this be so upsetting for Ms. Dean?

Because Cuomo’s insane March 25th mandate (which was quietly rescinded on May 11th) forced nursing homes to taken in COVID-19 patients, where her in-laws, both of whom resided in nursing homes contracted the virus and died.

Here is what Ms. Dean had to say about the Emmy:

“It’s jaw-dropping, it’s insulting, it’s sickening to see him accept an award for his leadership that we don’t have answers to when it comes to the coronavirus patients going into nursing homes for 46 days because of his executive order.”

Do you blame her?

Cuomo’s own numbers estimate that about 6,500 nursing home patients – elderly, not well, thus about as vulnerable to COVID-19 as they could be – died from the virus.

But that is a lie.  Cuomo conveniently omits nursing home patients who were hospitalized, and then died in the hospitals – thus technically did not die in the nursing home.  Add them in (as you damn well should) and the actual number of deaths is almost certainly thousands more.

I doubt you need me to tell you why Janice Dean wins Quote Of The Day honors.

As for Cuomo, if they ever give out an Emmy for masterfully overseeing the deaths of elderly people, he’s got it locked up.

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