Today’s quote comes to us from Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Speaking yesterday at an event in McAllen, Texas, Ms. Harris reminded the crowd of a key promise made by the Biden/Harris ticket:

“I promise you this — as a first order of business, Joe Biden and I are about to work to get rid of that tax cut.” 

Want to see/hear the video?  Be my guest:

FYI:  “that tax cut” is the one that Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris claim was only for “the rich”….but which, in fact, has provided tax relief for almost everyone who pays taxes at every income level.

That said, however, it is a tried and true political fact that you can get votes by attacking “the rich” and demanding that they pay “their fair share”….without ever having to explain what any of that means.

I award Kamala Harris Quote Of The Day “honors”, for resurrecting this stale, standard-issue political-speak again in 2020 and hoping it will work this time as it has in the past…

…although I wonder if the middle and lower-middle class folks who saw lower tax bills last year as the result of Trump’s tax cut will be quite as receptive as she and Mr. Biden would like.

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  • Kamla: I promise you this . . . (repeal tax cuts blah … blah … blah

    That is a clear case of Harris-ment if I ever heard one.

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