Today’s quote comes to us from muckraking journalist – and indisputably left-wing thinker – Glenn Greenwald.

Mr. Greenwald was on Tucker Carlson’s Fox New Channel show. When the subject turned to Hunter Biden’s computer, Carlson offered the following observation about mainstream media’s determined effort to suppress the story/give Hunter and Joe Biden a free pass:

 “I’ve seen a fair bit of the material on this laptop and the response by the media and particularly by the so-called intel community strikes me as much more threatening to America than anything on this laptop.”

The reference, of course, was to the mass media blackout of information about the computer’s contents.  But Greenwald also used the opportunity to cite Rep. adam schiff’s imbecilic, completely unevidenced, completely dishonest claim that it was the result of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump (yes, schiff actually said that).

Greenwald’s response?

“I couldn’t agree more.  First of all, Adam Schiff is seriously the most pathological liar in all of American politics that I have seen in all of my time covering politics and journalism.

“He just fabricates accusations at the drop of a hat the way that other people change underwear. He’s simply lying when he just asserts over and over that the Russians or the Kremlin are behind this story.  He has no idea whether or not that’s true. There’s no evidence to support it.”

Glenn Greenwald is, of course, 100% correct.  But that is not why he wins Quote Of The Day honors.

Glenn Greenwald wins Quote Of The Day honors for demonstrating to us that a journalist with integrity can report honestly about facts and reality, even if the result of that honest, factual reporting lays waste to someone he probably agrees with on most issues.

By doing this, Mr. Greenwald both elevates himself and deservedly shames the “journalists”, who have sacrificed their basic ethics and integrity to do the exact opposite.

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