Today’s quote comes to us from ABC News chief Washington correspondent, Jonathan Karl.

Here, from an interview with the solidly leftward,  is Mr. Karl’s plaintive cry about how the public views today’s media:

“I do believe that unfortunately, there is a big chunk of the country that believes that the press is now the resistance and I think it’s really unfortunate and I think that it has negative consequences for a free press. I think it has negative consequences for our democracy.”

This is the same Jonathan Karl who co-anchors “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”, whose town hall interview with President Trump, where allegedly “uncommitted voters” asked Mr. Trump questions, was stacked with anti-Trumpers.

The Jonathan Karl who, during the same interview, justified CNN joke Jim Acosta’s years of attacks on Trump posing as questions.

The Jonathan Karl who – along with most of his media colleagues – has yet to truthfully address the antifa/”Black Lives Matter”/street thugs who have laid waste to cities around the country.  Or to seriously discuss the obvious fact that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is cognitively impaired.

And this genius wonders why a big chunk of the country believes the press is now the resistance?  Why so many people do not consider the press honest reporters of factual information?

In 1786, the great Scottish poet Robert Burns, in his ode “To A Louse”, famously wrote:

 ‘Owad some Power the giftie gie us

To see oursels as others see us!

I award Jonathan Karl Quote Of The Day “honors” for demonstrating how greatly he – and co-anchor George and so many of their colleagues – need to reflect on those words of wisdom.

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