Today’s quote comes to us from….I think I’ll tell you after you read the quote.

Here it is:

“The war has left a bloody trail and many deep wounds not too easily healed. Many people have been left with scars that take a long time to pass away. We must never forget the horrors which our brethren were subjected to in Bergen-Belsen and other Nazi concentration camps. Then, too, we must try hard to understand that for righteous people hate and prejudice are neither good occupations nor fit companions. Rabbi Alfred Bettleheim once said: “Prejudice saves us a painful trouble, the trouble of thinking.” In our beloved land families were not scattered, communities not erased nor our nation destroyed by the ravages of the World War.”

Yet, dare we be at ease? We are part of a world whose unity has been almost completely shattered. No one can feel free from danger and destruction until the many torn threads of civilization are bound together again. We cannot feel safer until every nation, regardless of weapons or power, will meet together in good faith, the people worthy of mutual association.”

There can be a happy world and there will be once again, when men create a strong bond towards one another, a bond unbreakable by a studied prejudice or a passing circumstance. Then and only then shall we have a world built on the foundation of the Fatherhood of God and whose structure is the Brotherhood of Man.”


Y’know, other than the now-politically incorrect gender references at the end, this makes a lot of sense.  It is very deep.  Beautifully written too.

So who was the source of these words?

The answer is…Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  It was written for the East Midwood (Brooklyn) Jewish Center Temple bulletin in 1946, which would have made her about 13 years old at the time.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wins Quote Of The Day honors for showing us, even at that young age, what intellectual gifts she had….which, regardless of what you thought of her tenure on the Supreme Court, were enormous.

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