Today’s quote comes to us from Presidential candidate Joe Biden.  It concerns what Mr. Biden (or whoever writes what he is trotted out to say) considers the four biggest crises of our time.

Here, from Monday’s speech at, of all places, the Delaware Museum of Natural History, is his list:

“You know, as a nation we face one of the most difficult moments in our history, in my view. Four historic crises all at the same time.

“The worst pandemic in 100 years that’s already killed nearly 200,000 people and counting. The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression has cost tens of millions of American jobs and counting. Emboldened White supremacy unseen since the 60s and a reckoning on race that’s long overdue. And undeniable acceleration of the punishing reality of climate change on our planet and our people, on the lives and livelihoods…”


Do you see anything about violence in the streets?  About anarchists, “Black Lives Matter” radicals/extortionists and street thugs laying waste to the downtown sections of cities around the country?  Engaging in massive violence? Looting?  Arson?

Nope, not a thing.

It’s just like the Democratic National Convention, when not a word was said about this either.  Hey, we can’t offend anarchists, “Black Lives Matter” radicals/extortionists and street thugs, can we?  That would be terrible.

But what we can do is make a point of featuring “emboldened White supremacy unseen since the 60s” as one of these crises.

I have a question:  what emboldened White supremacy is Biden talking about?  While I certainly do not deny there are White supremacists out there, and they are odious haters of the first order, where has there been any groundswell of White supremacists activity that would compare to the 50’s?  Where has there been any uptick in White supremacy anywhere, let alone to a level that would elevate it above “Black Lives Matter” street violence?

What we are seeing is the intentional ignoring of violence and hatred espoused by a Black radical/extortionist group, while pretending that the real issue is White supremacists.

Tell us, Joe:  were White supremacists or “Black Lives Matter” supporters (including, ironically, a great many Whites) the ones destroying downtown Portland?  Seattle?  Minneapolis?  Chicago?  Kenosha?  Midtown Manhattan?

I award Joe Biden (or the people pulling his strings, can’t be sure of which) Quote Of The Day (Dis)honors for lying to our faces about the true nature of racial strife we are seeing on our streets this year.

One other thing:  given that a (nonpartisan) Pew Research poll shows 81% of Black people – in direct opposition to “Black Lives Matter” – want at least as much policing of their streets as they presently have, with 21% saying they want increased policing,  I wonder how this sorry kind of obvious pandering will affect the overall Black vote in November.

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