Today’s quote comes to us from that renowned humanist, the sweet, tolerant favorite of Nancy Pelosi, Rep. rashida tlaib (D-MI).

Here is tlaib’s reaction to the news that Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have normalized relations:

“We won’t celebrate Netanyahu for not stealing land he already controls in exchange for a sweetheart business deal.

The heart of the issue has never been planned, formal annexation, but ongoing, devastating apartheid….This Trump/Netanyahu deal will not alleviate Palestinian suffering—it will further normalize it.”

What a lovely sentiment.

tlaib, a proud Palestinian Arab, is understandably outraged.  After all, since Palestinian Arabs have rejected every overture ever advanced by Israel, and are committed to obliteration of the Jewish state, every Jew there and every Jew everywhere else, why would an actual peace deal, to the benefit of both sides, hold any attraction?

I award rashida tlaib Quote Of The Day honors for holding true to her principles.

Unfortunately, her principles happen to be hatred for Israel, hatred for Jews and hatred for peaceful coexistence…

…all willingly tolerated by Nancy Pelosi…and, since I’ve heard no pushback from them, every other major Democrat as well.

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