Today’s quote comes to us from Chuck Todd.  It was stated just a few minutes ago after the Kamala Harris finished speaking/bashing President Trump as Joe Biden looked on.

Said Todd:

“That looked like two people very happy to be running together.  You could see the genuine warmth between the two of them”

Uh…what did you expect, Chuck?  That they were going to get in front of the cameras and start attacking each other?  You know, the way they did in the debates?  The ones you somehow neglected to mention as you joyously announced their newly created political love affair?

Please don’t get me wrong, though.  Chuck Todd’s kissy-fit in favor of Biden and Harris would not bother me a bit if NBC News presented him as a political analyst.  Todd’s editorializing in favor of Biden/Harris would then be under the rubric of editorial opinion, and perfectly reasonable.

My problem is that NBC presents Todd as a news guy.  A non-partisan.  And that is beyond ludicrous.

Chuck Todd wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for demonstrating that he is going to be exactly what years of watching him told me he would be:  a nonstop human promotional campaign for Biden (or anyone who would have run against Donald Trump), posing as a non-partisan.

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