Today’s quote – and it is one for the ages – comes to us from Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

During an interview with Dana Bash on this morning’s CNN “State Of The Union” show, Pelosi actually said these words:

“What the Chinese, they, what, what these, what they said is, China would prefer Joe Biden.  Whether they do, that’s their conclusion, that they would prefer Joe Biden.”

Forgetting the marginal coherence of the way she said it, one thing was clear:  her remarkable acknowledgment that those wonderful folks from China – you know, the ones who steal our intellectual property, profit off of us byusing slave labor and, most recently, have endowed us with the COVID-19 virus – would like to dump Trump in favor of putting Joe Biden (or whomever pulls his strings) in charge of the country.

Want to see the video of her doing so?  Click here.  And be sure to watch the other videos there as well, which show Biden defending/talking up China.

I award Nancy Pelosi Quote Of The Day honors for, amazingly (at least to me) acknowledging that China thinks they have a pal in Joe Biden…

…and a well-deserved “honorable” mention to Joe Biden who, if you watch the other videos referenced above, gives us plentiful evidence that Speaker Pelosi’s assessment is dead-on correct.


  • So its ok for China to want Biden but the fake story that Russia wanted Trump required a special prosecutor.

  • This comment has nothing to do at all with this subject but I just wanted to get this off my chest. I just was listening to Bruce Springsteen talking on his radio show. He went into a BLM tirade. then out of nowhere he said and I quote. “WE GOTTA GET THAST BASTARD OUTTA THE WHITEHOUSE”.
    He is a great entertainer and a true poet but who gives a fiddling f—–k w hat he thinks about Trump. Bruce is full of crap and full of himself,.
    he is always yapping about that he never drinks alcohol, yeah sure!
    I received a call today from my son who’s roommate drives for a local pizza company. last night he delivered pizza to a big home. the driver was asked to do the owner a favor and drive this guy home in the pizza delivery car because the guest was too drunk to stand up let alone drive himself home. they carried this guy and shoved him into the pizza car. the driver took this guy home. IT WAS no other than BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.

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