Today’s quote comes to us from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  It is in the form of a political endorsement.

And who is this political endorsement for?  It is for Rep. rashida tlaib – the far left, virulently anti-Semitic, Israel hating House member from Michigan.

Says Pelosi:

“Rep. Tlaib never stops fighting for her district, which she is proud to represent.  And I am proud to endorse her for re-election.”

I’ll just bet you’re proud to endorse her Ms. Speaker of the House.

Nancy Pelosi wins Quote Of The Day (Dis)honors for puting her imprimatur on this hate-filled pig – and, by so doing, shows us just how little regard she has for Jews and for Israel.

Her apparent attitude?  “Hey, why worry about them, right?  Most of them just vote Democrat anyway, so I can crap on them whenever I need to and they’ll shut up and come running to us on election day anyway”

How sad that, for a great many of us (I’m Jewish) she is 100% right.

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