Today’s quote comes to us from President Donald Trump, in a series of two tweets he issued about COVID-19, and the way it is being reported:

“Cases, Cases, Cases! If we didn’t test so much and so successfully, we would have very few cases. If you test 40,000,000 people, you are going to have many cases that, without the testing (like other countries), would not show up every night on the Fake Evening News…..

“….In a certain way, our tremendous Testing success gives the Fake News Media all they want, CASES. In the meantime, Deaths and the all important Mortality Rate goes down. You don’t hear about that from the Fake News, and you never will. Anybody need any Ventilators???”

Interesting points – both about how the testing is evaluated and how little media coverage there has been about the much-lower mortality rate.

Has it struck you that, when our media report the increased number of cases in states around the country, they never seem to tell us how many tests were done to yield the number of cases?  Can you think of even one time when they have?

Let’s think about this.  If I do 1,000 tests and find, say, 100 people who have contracted COVID-19, it means 10% of the people are suffering from this virus.

But what if I then conduct an additional 2,000 tests and find 150 people who have contracted COVID-19.  What does it mean?

Well, a lower percentage of people have contracted the virus, so that’s good news…..or the the additional testing has shown a 50% rise in the number of cases, which, in the absence of knowing how many more tests had been conducted, is bad news.

See how easy it is to play with/manipulate the numbers, thus the findings?

I do not know whether the increase in reported COVID-19 cases is due to a spike in the virus or the fact that we are doing so much testing.  But the fact that our media, most of which are dedicated to taking down Trump, are making good and sure we don’t know the numbers that would give us this information, and have barely reported that the mortality rate news is so much improved, makes me highly suspicious.

I award President Trump Quote Of The Day honors for raising these obviously important issues… and dishonors to our media for hiding such supersedingly important information from us.

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  • I wonder how many people watched the Daily Briefings when they were occurring?
    None of what is happening since reopening is unexpected, it was discussed in the briefings.

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