Today’s quote comes to us from Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Chairperson of the House Judiciary Committee, left wing automaton and solidly in competition as the most unlikable member of the House of Representatives.

Here, attacking Republicans for offering amendments to the Democrat “police reform” bill, is what this ridiculous clown said:

“Their amendments – I’ve given you about half of them just listed here – were errant nonsense, off-topic, dealing with imaginary things like Antifa and completely negating the entire purpose of the bill.”

“Imaginary things like Antifa”.  Yes, he said that.  (Here is the video, along with a commentary about how ludicrous his comment is by a former member of the group.)

If you accept the premise that Nadler actually believes this hot steamy load, it means that, in his mind, the Antifa crowd – which has launched “protests” which descend into violence around the country, took over part of Seattle and literally brags about who they are – doesn’t even exist.  It is a figment of Republicans’ imaginations – not to mention the imaginations of everyone else, including every mainstream media venue I know of.

I award Jerrold Nadler Quote Of The Day “honors” for demonstrating that he has no problem at all raving like a complete moron, and apparently thinks the rest of us are so stupid we will believe his moronic ravings.

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