Today’s quote comes to us from keith ellison, the hate-filled malevolent “man” Minnesota’s voters were foolish enough to elect Attorney General.

Here, via Andrew Mark Miller’s article for the Washington Examiner, is what ellison has to say about the National Guard being called in to (if they are allowed) quell the riots in Minneapolis:

“I’d like everyone to recognize the fact that the National Guard just a week ago was administering COVID-19 tests to help people.  The presence you see on the street, don’t react to them the way you might react to the Minneapolis Police Department. It’s not the same group. They have different leadership, different authority, and their job is to try to bring peace and calm back again. Please remember that this is not the group that you associate with unfair conduct.

“Don’t just dismiss that and ignore it and relegate it to just criminality and bad behavior.  Actually ask yourself what’s going on there.”

Translation:  “I, as Attorney General of Minnesota, advise you to take out your anger – manifested in violently destroying downtown Minneapolis – on the Minneapolis police, not the National Guard.   They’re the ones who deserve it.  And while, yeah, there is criminality and bad behavior – manifested in stealing whatever can be grabbed, then destroying/burning down what’s left – remember that there is more to it; there is a greater good here.  That’s why people are stealing, destroying and burning down your city”.

Let me remind you again that this is not some hate-filled lunatic racial agitator on a street corner.  This hate-filled lunatic racial agitator is the elected head of law enforcement for the state of Minnesota.

I award keith ellison Quote Of The Day “honors” for so vividly reminding voters of what they inflicted on themselves.

He’s your choice, folks, Enjoy him.

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  • Was the MN. medical examiner in the running for QotD?

    An autopsy of Floyd was conducted Tuesday following his death on Monday.
    The full report by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office is pending but so far has found “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.”
    Floyd’s underlying health conditions included coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The report says the underlying health conditions, combined with Chauvin’s restraint and any possible intoxicants in Floyd’s system, likely contributed to his death.

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