Today’s quote comes to us from New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim.

Mr. Kim, a Democrat, is trying to thread a needle by calling out Governor Andrew Cuomo’s deadly mandate forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 sufferers when there were alternative places for them to be, while still trying to support his party’s leader.

Here is how he attempts to do it:

“I was absolutely shocked that the state of New York sent so many people back to nursing homes, when nursing homes aren’t hospitals. These are COVID-positive patients that should have been treated at hospitals or other facilities that were equipped to take them in. And everyone was shocked at that time, and many of us pushed back, wrote letters to the Department of Health, and asked them to stop the policy and transfer those patients out. And other states who actually initially put in those orders, scaled back immediately, recognizing the mistakes that they made, but it took us about two months to recognize that error, and it cost a lot of lives in that time period.”

“I think it would be very helpful to the thousands of lives, including myself. I lost my uncle in April, in the middle of helping hundreds of other local families who couldn’t communicate with their loved ones in nursing homes. … I think all of us — all we’re waiting for is a leader to step up and say, if they made a mistake, just admit it. And we — I think we’re all willing to forgive the governor. We’re all willing to accept that no one is perfect in this crisis. But what’s important is that we don’t get fixated on bad decisions, that we need to grow out of this and learn immediately so we can move forward in the right direction.”

My condolences to Assemblyman Kim on the loss of his uncle.  And my respect to Mr. Kim for coming forth this way.

But if he is waiting for Andrew Cuomo to apologize and admit his dictate to New York’s nursing homes was wrong, it will take more than a sincere, plaintive request.

Andrew Cuomo has already lied to our faces about this, claiming nursing homes could have refused to take in the COVID-19 patients, when his mandate specifically forbade them from doing so.  He has even tried to blame President Trump for the consequences of his own state mandate.  Asking him nicely to own up to his actions isn’t going to move him a bit.

The only way Cuomo will step up to the plate and admit his culpability is if enough mainstream media finally stop protecting him and make their viewers/readers/listeners aware of his responsibility and the number of deaths it has caused so that he can’t hide behind their protection.

To the eternal shame of media venues suppressing information about the New York nursing home scandal – and to other members of the New York Democrat Party who stay clammed up on Cuomo’s behalf – that kind of pressure has not yet materialized.

I award Don Kim Quote Of The Day honors for having the honesty and political courage to come forward and, however diplomatically, put the blame for this unspeakable, but avoidable, disaster.

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