Today’s quote comes to us from Katha Pollit, a so-called feminist who writes a bi-monthly column for The Nation magazine.

Speaking of Tara Reid’s accusations against Joe Biden, and how they might affect her vote, Ms. Pollitt graced us with this profundity:

 “I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them.

“I cannot believe that a rational person can grasp the disaster that is Donald Trump and withhold their support from Biden because of Tara Reade.  I would say this even if I had no problems with Reade’s account.”

 What a lovely way of expressing support for Joe Biden. And this, from someone who professes to be a rational human being – unlike someone who might see any good in President Trump.

Sadly, Ms. Pollitt’s rantings are far from isolated. It is a very good bet that they will meet with solid approval from the hate wing of joe Biden’s supporters… which, make no mistake about it, is a very large wing.

I award Katha Pollitt Quote Of The Day “honors” for so clearly showing us exactly how sick and hate-filled she is.

You might want to remember this the next time you hear someone talk about how malevolent Trump supporters are.

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  • Washington Post Dana Milbank 4-21-20
    Georgia leads the race to become America’s No.1 death destination.

    I believe Planned Parenthood still leads the race.

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