Today’s quote comes to us from meteorologist Janice Dean.

Ms. Dean and her husband are in mourning.  Her husband’s parents, both of them, died of COVID-19 while in New York Nursing Homes – the ones Governor Andrew Cuomo forced to accept COVID-19 patients – thus exposing everyone there to the virus – even though there were alternative locations available for them.

Here, via twitter, is how she expressed her feelings about the family’s loss:

“There are no words to explain how furious I am.  Grateful to the journalists who keep looking into this real life nightmare so many families including mine are living through.

My husband is still grieving about the loss of his parents to this virus.  Both were in nursing/assisted living homes. I’m trying to respect his wishes to not scream every day about this. But, make no mistake we want answers and there’s no question their deaths were avoidable.

“Can you imagine how much press the nursing home tragedy here in New York City would be getting if [Governor Cuomo] was a Republican?  It would be on every single channel and newspaper. (And yes, if he was a Republican I’d be just as furious).”

My heart goes out to Ms. Dean’s husband Ms. Dean and their entire family.

And my Quote Of The Day award goes to Janice Dean for expressing her gut-wrenching anguish to Governor Cuomo in a way that, despite his arrogant, dismissive, “hey, old people die” routine, must hit home to him if he has any humanity at all.

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