Today’s quote comes to us from roshan salih, a “journalist” who works for “Press TV”, part of the state-controlled Iranian propaganda machine posing as real news.

Here, via his twitter account, is salih’s reaction to the possibility that an Israeli pharmaceutical company may be close to producing a vaccine for the COVID-19 coronavirus:

Roshan M Salih@RmSalih

I’d rather take my chances with the virus than consume an Israeli vaccine 

Israeli research center to announce it developed coronavirus vaccine, sources say

Now there’s a principled man.  A man who will not allow his own health to get in the way of his virulent hatred of Israel (at least in public:  my strong suspicion is that – in private, when his Iranian overseers are not looking, if this genius contracts the virus and an Israel-produced vaccine would bring him back to health, he’d run, not walk to get it).

I award roshan salih Quote Of The Day “honors” for his effort to convince us that he’d rather fight off a potentially fatal virus without any treatment than use a treatment created in Israel.

I wonder if he tweeted that sentiment on his smartphone….the technology of which was developed in Israel.

If so, better get rid of it, roshan…maybe with another tweet, this one saying that “I’d rather take my chances with a pay phone, or two dixie cups with a very long string, than use an Israel-developed smartphone”.

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