Today’s quote comes to us from a once-worthwhile source, who has turned into a bad joke:  Joe Scarborough.

Here, from this morning’s “Morning Joe” show, is how Scarborough characterized the Trump defense team.

“you had a confederacy of dunces defending him in impeachment . . .”

A confederacy of dunces, Joe?

Alan Dershowitz, alone, makes you look like a slow pre-schooler by comparison.  Pam Bondi, a former Attorney General of Florida blows you away as well.  Ditto for Ken Starr, who, aside from the Clinton impeachment, is a former Solicitor General of the United States and Chancellor of Baylor University.

Uh, Joe…if they are a confederacy of dunces…what does that make you?

I award Joe Scarborough Quote Of The Day “honors” for reminding me just how far down the swirling drain he has gone, and why I never watch him anymore.

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