Today’s quote comes to us from The View’s Joy Behar – who, over the years, has established herself as a hard-left ignoramus of the first order.

Here is her comment about President Trump from yesterday’s show:

“What concerns me is that we have a president who demonizes and created this lie that President Obama was not born in this country and he talks about the marchers and the Klan and the rest of them in Charlottesville as good people on both sides.  That rhetoric bothers me more than anything.”

Is Joy Behar an ignoramus?  A liar?  Both?  Based on this comment, I’m going with door #3.

President Trump definitely floated the claim that Barack Obama was not born in this country.  Apart from the fact that this has nothing to do with his race, only his country of origin, Trump was neither the first nor the only person to float this claim (which – this is for another blog – has never definitively been disproved).

As far as the Klan as good people, that is just a flat-out lie – as anyone who bothered to read the transcript of what Trump actually said knows.

The fact that, almost three years later, it is still tossed out by people like Behar and Joe Biden does not disgrace Trump – who, again, never said it (in fact, he specifically condemned the nazis and White supremacists at that protest), it disgraces the Behars and Bidens of the world who continue to lie about it.

I therefore award Joy Behar Quote Of The Day “honors” for, again showing us what a ridiculous, dishonest ignoramus she is….which, it should also be pointed out, has made her a long-time valued asset on The View.

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