Today’s quote is from presidential candidate Joe Biden.

This was his supposedly uplifting message to a Black audience at the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina on Martin Luther King’s birthday:

“This president and his–the Ku Klux Klans and the rest of them, they think they’ve beaten us again but they have no idea. We’re just coming back.”

Lumping the President of the United States with the klan, Joe?

Did the ku klux klan get Black unemployment to its lowest level in history, Joe?

And do you figure the klan supports the First Step act that Trump championed, Joe?  The one that id the klan pass legislation that has benefited so many Black and Latino prison inmates who were subjected to long sentences for crimes that, for the most part, did not merit them?

I award Joe Biden Quote Of The Day (Dis)honors, for making a truly disgusting, pandering unfair, totally undeserved comment which, if he had any shame at all, would make him cringe with embarrassment.

Don’t expect any embarrassed cringes, though.  And don’t expect our wonderful “neutral” media to call him on it either.

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  • So the creepy pedophile has completely lost his mind.
    He should just go away and enjoy all the money he and his family have stolen from the US tax payer.

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