Today’s quote – and it is a beauty – comes to us from Adrianne Shropshire.  Ms. Shropshire is Executive Director of “Black PAC” – group dedicated to mobilizing Black voters to come out and vote Democrat.

Not just vote, but vote specifically for Democrats.

In this capacity, Ms. Shropshire is furious at Republicans and their efforts to attract Black voters to President Trump.

Why?  I’ll let her tell you:

“The end goal is to create doubt in the minds of Black voters, doubt about the Democratic Party and doubts about the Democratic nominee.

“It really is about suppressing the Black vote more than it is about bringing Black voters out to support Trump.”

Did you do a double-take on that reasoning?  I know I did.

On Planet Shropshire, apparently, the only legitimate Black vote is a Democrat Black vote.

It therefore follows that if Republicans reach out to Black voters – maybe reminding them that, under President Trump, Black unemployment has dropped to its lowest level in history, or that he signed legislation which freed numerous Black prisoners serving terms out of proportion with what they were convicted of  – they are not seeking the Black vote, they are suppressing the Black vote.

Black people, you see, are not supposed to vote for Republicans.  They are only supposed to vote for Democrats.  Which, though not said in so many words by Ms. Shropshire, pretty clearly indicates that when Republicans attempt to attract Black voters, they are engaging in racism…

…which would mean that if Republicans ignore Black voters as if they don’t exist, that’s not racism.  Ms. Shropshire, presumably would congratulate them on their pro-Black behavior.

I award Adrienne Shropshire Quote Of The Day “honors” for conflating her version of racism (i.e. if you’re Black you should close your mind and vote Democrat – you’re not supposed to listen to or allow yourself to consider, Republicans, that’s not the right thing for Black folks to do) with Black vote suppression (???????????)

(Sorry for the question marks.  They were spontaneous, because I felt so ridiculous typing those words).

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  • You can’t really blame her, the Democrat Party purchased the Black Vote under FDR. Blacks sold out the party that freed them for a chicken in the pot.

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