As you may be aware, has announced that it will not conduct any investigative reporting about either its owner, presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, or any other Democrat running for the presidential nomination.

Investigative reporting aimed at President Donald Trump, however, will be just fine.

When advised that some of his employees are grumbling about this policy, here, according to Frank Camp’s article at, is what Mr. Bloomberg had to say about it:

 “You just have to learn to live with some things. They get a paycheck, and it comes from the company, and from the company that I started – not running at the moment; turned it over to somebody else to do that – but with with your paycheck comes some restrictions and responsibilities.”

In other words, Mr. Bloomberg has informed his employees – along with the rest of us – that receiving their paychecks now necessitates forgoing all vestiges of journalistic professionalism and ethics.


Michael Bloomberg –  The career nanny-stater who once tried to legislate how much Coca-Cola we could drink, and who flies around in a private jets/rides in private limousines while demanding that we adjust our lives to deal with climate change, wins Quote Of The Day “honors”, for showing us that he is just as willing to regulate/nanny-state news reporting.

Oh, brother.


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