Today’s quote comes to us from NBC’s Meet The Press host, Chuck Todd – who, in my opinion, holds the current record for being the most lightweight host of what is supposed to be (and once was) a heavyweight political show.

In addition to yesterday’s “Meet The Press” duties, Todd was a guest on NBC’s “Sunday Today” show, hosted by Willie Geist.

When the talk turned to impeachment, Geist pointed out that the just-completed House Intelligence Committee inquiry did not move public sentiment in favor of impeachment, and “that’s got to please the President”.

Here is Mr. Todd’s response:

“Well, look, and it was, it didn’t happen organically.

You know, we’re going to report this this morning, but we’ve tallied up the amount of paid media on pro and anti-impeachment. There’s been basically a 4-to-1 spread of impeachment messaging on the President’s favor over the last essentially two months since this inquiry began.

So, one side has fought this as a political campaign, Donald Trump and his allies, and the Democrats, for fear of looking like they politicized the process, have essentially outsourced this to Tom Steyer. Because, if it wasn’t for Tom Steyer advertising on impeachment, there would have been no advertising to counteract the Republicans.”

“So yes, I think the President’s pleased.  But, like I said, it didn’t happen organically. This was asymmetrical warfare and the Democrats didn’t pick up a weapon.” 


Hmmmm, let’s see:  why would Republicans feel a need to buy far more advertising about the “impeachment inquiry” than Democrats?

Could it be that:

-The “impeachment inquiry” was run by Democrats?

-It included only witnesses selected by Democrats, not Republicans?

-It was run by hardline Trump-hating adam schiff?

-schiff set the rules and used his gavel in a wholly partisan way throughout the “inquiry”?

-schiff gave himself the first word at the beginning of each day and the last word at the end of each day?

Gee, y’know…that just might have had something to do with it.

But Chuck Todd, for some strange reason – him being completely neutral and all, accidentally, inadvertently forgot to mention the above facts or that they might have been a factor (feel free to wipe the sarcasm from your screen any time now).

Evidently in the world of Chuck Todd, “organic” defines as when only Democrats have the upper hand while Republicans are relegated to third-class status…and “asymmetrical warfare” is when Republicans buy air time in an attempt to get their point across as well.

I award Chuck Todd Quote Of The Day “honors” for providing us with a crash course in what passes for journalism at NBC News these days.

You can’t say it wasn’t instructive.

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