Today’s quote comes to us – again – from adam schiff, who seems incapable of telling the truth about the “impeachment inquiry” farce he was the ringleader of.

This is part of what he wrote in a letter to the House Democratic Caucus:

“Over the course of our inquiry, we have uncovered a months-long effort in which President Trump again sought foreign interference in our elections for his personal and political benefit at the expense of our national interest. As the evidence conclusively shows, President Trump conditioned official acts—a White House meeting desperately desired by the new Ukrainian president and critical U.S. military assistance—on Ukraine announcing sham, politically-motivated investigations that would help President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.”

“As the evidence conclusively shows”?

Y’mean the witnesses who said they heard President Trump threaten Ukraine President Zelensky?  Demand an investigation of the Bidens as a quid pro quo for receiving aid?  Say or do a thing that could be construed as demanding extortion from anyone in the Ukraine?  Say or do a thing that could be construed as bribing anyone from the Ukraine?

I guess not.  Because every witness, without exception, said he/she heard no such thing.  No threat.  No quid pro quo.  No extortion.  No bribery. 

In fact, the only mention of hearing anything about a “quid pro quo” in testimony was Gordon Sondland stating President Trump told him he wanted “nothing, no quid pro quo” from President Zelensky.

I award adam schiff Quote Of The Day (dis)honors for continuing to lie to our faces, and making the people who call him a cowardly lying snake look better and better every day.


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