Today’s quote comes to us from Rep. adam schiff (D-CA).

During the last several years, schiff has developed a reputation for being a stone cold liar.  And if that’s what you were looking for today, he did not disappoint.

On CNN’s State Of The Union show, he had this to say:

“This president has now twice sought foreign interference in our election… when [Trump] invited the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails and later that day they attempted to do exactly that. There is a sense of urgency when you have a president who’s threatening the integrity of our elections.

“We need to act now if we’re going to act, and we can’t allow this obstruction to succeed. “The other point I would make is, the case in terms of the Ukraine misconduct is ironclad, but so is the case of the president’s obstruction of the Congress.”

In point of fact:

-schiff has absolutely no first-hand evidence to support any of this.

-his claims are based entirely upon supposition and personal opinions by witnesses — keeping in mind that schiff was 100% in charge of which witnesses were called, so it stands to reason they would be the most supportive of his point of view.

-and when asked directly, “did you hear President Trump say a thing about a quid pro quo, or extortion, or bribery, or holding up aid until there was an investigation – literally the entire body of charges against him – NOT ONE OF SCHIFF’S WITNESS SAID ANYTHING BUT “NO” IN ANSWER TO THOSE QUESTIONS.

Simply stated, schiff’s claim of “ironclad” evidence is not only an out-and-out lie, but it is entirely provable that the exact opposite is true.

And, disgustingly, he is counting on you and me to be stupid enough, ignorant enough, to buy into his lies.

I award adam schiff Quote Of The Day (dis)honors for showing us, again, that he has absolutely no problem lying to our faces…with (dis)honorable mentions to the media people,  especially (but not solely) Chuck Todd, whose hatred of Donald Trump insures that they will never call him out on those lies.

Individually and collectively, this sorry bunch makes me sick to my stomach.

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