Today’s quote comes to us from Stacey Abrams D-GA), the unsuccessful Georgia gubernatorial candidate who, like Hillary Clinton’s and her 2016 run for the presidency, cannot accept the fact that she lost.

Ms. Abrams, expanding her racial – always racial – attack from Georgia to the overall United States, spoke at the National Press Club on Friday, and had this to say about the electoral college:

“The Electoral College is racist and classist,” Abrams said. “We have to remember the Electoral College was not designed because people were worried about Idaho not having enough votes. We didn’t know about Idaho. What we did know was that in the south, the populations in the south had equal or roughly equal populations to the north. However, because black people were not considered human or citizens, they wanted their bodies to count for the purposes of the population count but not their humanity.”

Interesting outlook.


…the electoral college was created during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when the vast majority of Black people were slaves who had no voting rights at all (for that matter, neither did women), and was 84 years before the Civil War.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it a little hard to ascribe racist motives to a system that was created when Black people did not vote…and was well before the north was at odds with the south over slavery.

I therefore award Quote Of The Day honors to Stacey Abrams for, lamentably, reconfirming that there are people out there who can find racism in anything – and, by so doing, bolster the sarcastic attitude of “yeah, we know, it’s racism, with you everything is”, which can be applied even when real racism occurs.

Who does that help, Ms. Abrams?  And who does it hurt?

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