Today’s quote comes to us from Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, thus will preside over the trial of President Trump’s trial if the House votes articles of inpeachment.

Here is what Senator Graham has to say about the rules he will impose, if such a trial ever takes place:

“Let’s say they get 218 votes. Here’s what I promise the country. We’re not going to try the president of the United States based on hearsay. So any resolution setting up a trial in the Senate, I’m going to make sure that hearsay cannot be the basis of an impeachment allegation.

“A trial in the Senate, to me, should not legitimize what’s going on in the House. No American is denied the right to call witnesses on their behalf, except for Donald Trump. No American is accused of wrongdoing anonymously, except Donald Trump. What they’re doing in the House is a danger to the presidency itself.

“So any trial in the Senate needs to make sure that you can’t impeach a president based on hearsay, because that’s a danger to the presidency itself. And secondly, any trial in the Senate must expose the whistleblower so the president can confront his accuser. I will not accept a trial in the Senate until I know who the whistleblower is.”

 Oh, and Graham also says that, if it trial takes place, he will call adam schiff as a witness.

Uh oh.

I award Lindsey Graham Quote Of The Day honors  for telling Democrats, along with the rest of the country, that he is not going to put up with any of the crap being tossed around in schiff’s ridiculous impeachment inquiry farce – and that schiff himself will be on the spot if it ever comes to trial…

…which, if I were a serial liar like schiff, would scare the living schiff out of me.

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