Today’s quote comes to us from Michael Moore – a has-been filmmaker (his last modest success, “Sicko”, was in 2007) who, occasionally, is resurrected by the left (in this case MSNBC) to spout his, er. “stuff”.

Here, as stated on Tuesday’s edition of Brian Williams’ MSNBC show (speaking of has-beens) is Moore’s view on who Democrats should nominate to beat Donald Trump:

“Who is the street fighter that can crush Trump? And frankly, I think there’s a person that could do this, if the election were held today, there is one person that would crush Trump . And she hasn’t announced yet. And her last name rhymes with Obama. In fact, it is Obama. Michelle Obama. Everybody watching this right now knows she is a beloved American and she would go in there and she would beat him. She would beat him in the debates, he wouldn’t be able to bully her, he wouldn’t be able to nickname her and she is beloved. 

Yep, there you go.  Michelle Obama.  Whose qualifications for being President – other than that she is Barack Obama’s wife – are what?  That she is “beloved”?  (by everyone, Michael?)   That Trump can’t figure out a nickname for her (really?  based on what?)?  That “Obama” rhymes with “Obama” (huh?  wha?)?

I award Michael Moore Quote Of The Day “honors” for showing us one of the various reasons – maybe the biggest one – why he has become the has-been he now is.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Moore…I strongly suspect that President Trump wishes you every success in pushing Michelle Obama to the front of the Democrat presidential pack.

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  • I predicted a long time ago dhe would be the nominee. Maybe a deadlocked convention with her riding in at the last moment, something like that.

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