Today’s quote comes to us from President Trump.  It is in the form of his latest effort to explain why he said what he said about Baltimore:

“There’s no strategy. I have no strategy. There’s zero strategy.  All it is is I’m pointing out facts.  The most unsafe city in our country is Baltimore.”

Why did Mr. Trump feel compelled to double down this way?  One reason might be that he is trying, again, to enlighten media; to show them that there are no ulterior motives regarding his comments about Baltimore, he is just stating facts.

If so, he’s wasting his time.  Mainstream media have, almost unanimously, decided to characterize his evaluation of Baltimore’s condition and Elijah Cummings’ uselessness in doing anything about it as racism.

The fact that Trump did not mention race in his evaluation – not directly or indirectly – does not register on their fakenewsometer, any more than the fact that a host of Democrats and media have made the same observations about Baltimore for years.  Trump said it, so it must be racist.  End of story.

As for me?  I still wait in vain for anyone to show me the part that contains racism of any kind.  What words?  What phrases?  What cleverly wordsmithed innuendo?  Where?

I award Donald Trump Quote Of The Day honors for standing up to these shameless frauds and not being intimidated into backtracking on his Baltimore evaluation.

My only complaint with it is that the “honor” of being the country’s most unsafe city might go to Saint Louis or Detroit instead.  But I admit they’re all close.

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