Suppose a candidate for Governor in a state with a lot of Black and Latino voters needs to maximize their turnout on election day, but really doesn’t want Blacks and Latinos having any meaningful role in his campaign.  So his campaign hires a bunch of them to be highly visible, but not much more?

If that question suggests bad things about the candidate…good.  Because it should.

With that in mind, please read the beginning of this article by Cole Lauterbach of, via, which describes a real-life example of the exact situation:

A group of African-American and Latino campaign staffers have filed federal discrimination charges against billionaire J.B. Pritzker, Democratic hopeful for Illinois governor.

The suit alleges Pritzker’s campaign routinely marginalizes minority workers.

“Although they hire African Americans and Latinos as campaign workers, the vast majority are herded into race-specific positions where they are expected to interact with the public, offered no meaningful chance for advancement, and receive less favorable treatment than their white counterparts who engage with, as the campaign sees it, a more desirable constituency,” the complaint says.


Would it be fair to say that, in Illinois, where a Democrat MUST bring out a heavy Black and Latino vote to win state-wide, this is a bit of a problem?

We, of course, both know the answer.

But wait.  There’s more to this than meets the eye.

It turns out that, according to Pritzker’s people, an attorney for the campaign workers handed his campaign a letter demanding $7.5 million dollars in 24 hours, or they would file suit and go to the press.

So is Pritzker a racist?  Are the people accusing him blackmailers/extortionists?  Is there some combination of both?  And how will Black and Latino voters react?

For better or worse (and, pretty clearly, it’s worse), this has to be the most interesting gubernatorial race in the country.

I’ll blog more about this as the situation unfolds.

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