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Several days ago I blogged about The Princeton Open Campus Coalition – a large group of students at Princeton University who have had enough of being told what to think and how to act by the Academic Brownshirts who currently are taking over what used to be places of higher learning.

Here is the latest from this group, via excerpts from Steven Hayward\’s latest commentary at

Over 1,500 people inthe Princeton community (not all of them students according to one report) havesigned on to the Princeton Open Campus Coalition to President Eisgruber reported here the other day. No word yeton whether Eisgruber has agreed to meet with the Open Campus Coalition, butthis is a good sign that the silent majority of non-crazy students on thecampus is going to be a bit less silent.

The students are on tosomething: if universities demanded that its leftist scholars have a level ofseriousness and engagement of (Cornel) West and (Robert) Singer, most of the radicalized “studies” departments would have to shut down, and their lightweight,jargon-spewing faculty laid off. It is precisely because they can\’t actuallysurvive an open debate that they resort to intimidation, demands for safespaces, and the closing of all debate by declaring their ideology to be settledscience.

I don\’t agree with everything Mr. Hayward says (e.g. he claims the biggest problem with campus leftists is their cowardice, not their ideology). But I certainly see his point in the above excerpts.

Can I at least hope that what happened at the University of Missouri, and the fact that it so quickly was replicated by other colleges and universities, will finally wake this country up to the indoctrination centers such schools have become….and motivate what I am certain are the many, many students who will stand up to Academic Brownshirts if they think others are behind them?

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