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Beto O’Rourke raised $6.1 million in his first 24 hours as a presidential candidate, according to his campaign, surpassing Bernie Sanders and every other 2020 Democrat who has disclosed their figures.

O’Rourke’s campaign announced Monday that he had taken in $6,136,763 in online contributions in the day after declaring his candidacy Thursday morning.

“In just 24 hours, Americans across this country came together to prove that it is possible to run a true grassroots campaign for president — a campaign by all of us, for all of us, that answers not to the PACs, corporations, and special interests but to the people,” O’Rourke, who has sworn off PAC donations of any kind, said in a statement.

Robert Frances “Beto” O’Rourke, with his vapidity level at warp speed, and, to say the least, a malleable set of positions on issues, has immediately shot past every other Democrat candidate in first-day contributions – including every woman, Black and Latino candidate.

If the “identity politics” crowd had any sincerity, they’d be screaming from the rooftops about this.

So get ready for the deafening….silence.

Why?  Because sincerity isn’t exactly a hallmark of this bunch, or their media cohorts.  Not if the object of their potential ire has a D instead of an R after his/her name.

The Democrat Party’s lineup so far has old White man Joe Biden well in the lead – even though he hasn’t announced his candidacy yet, old White man Bernie Sanders a relatively close second, young White man Robert Frances O’Rourke raking in tons of money (just as he did in his losing senatorial campaign last year)….

….with every female and minority candidate fighting for the dregs that are left.

What do you figure media would say about this if it were the Republican Party?

Well, as noted before, a D gets very different coverage than an R.

But our media are fiercely neutral.  Honest.  Just ask them.


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