Last week, after the convictions of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, media were falling all over themselves to proclaim the Trump presidency had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

At that time, I wrote a blog containing this passage:

I’ll also wait to see if this has any impact on Trump’s popularity levels in the polls.

I’m not talking about the inevitable polls, being taken as I write this, asking if what he did was proper or ethical, and what it says about his personal character.  Those are slam-dunk negatives, sure to be glommed onto and joyously reported by what passes for our mainstream media.

I’m talking about job approval and favorability ratings, which are based on what people actually care about – like the economy and illegal immigration, as opposed to whether Donald Trump had an active sex life or paid off (was blackmailed by?) a couple of those women who might have threatened to go public.

Yesterday, in an article written as negatively as NBC “news” writers Carrie Dann and Mark Murray could make it, we find this:

After a week that saw President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman convicted on eight counts of fraud and his former lawyer plead guilty to felony campaign finance charges, the president’s job approval rating remains virtually unchanged, new polling from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal shows.

Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, who conducted this survey with Democratic pollster Peter Hart and his team at Hart Research Associates, called Trump’s approval rating “remarkably stable” despite the Manafort and Cohen developments, both of which became public on the same afternoon last Tuesday.

And in case you think this poll is an outlier, here is’s compilation of polls over the last week and a half:

Poll Date Sample
RCP Average 8/9 – 8/25 43.6 52.7 -9.1
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl 8/22 – 8/25 600 RV 44 52 -8
Rasmussen Reports 8/21 – 8/23 1500 LV 46 53 -7
Economist/YouGov 8/19 – 8/21 1247 RV 44 52 -8
FOX News 8/19 – 8/21 1009 RV 45 53 -8
Reuters/Ipsos 8/15 – 8/21 1885 RV 43 54 -11
Monmouth 8/15 – 8/19 725 RV 43 51 -8
Gallup 8/13 – 8/19 1500 A 42 52 -10
Quinnipiac 8/9 – 8/13 1175 RV 41 54 -13
CNN 8/9 – 8/12 921 RV 44 53 -9

As you can see, Trump’s approval rating in polls taken after the Manafort and Cohen verdicts not only didn’t drop, they actually improved.

This apparently confounds a great many of our media “journalists”.  But does it confound you?

What do you think most people in this country care about?  Our soaring economy and the forcing of other countries we defend to kick in their share of what it costs, and the reworking of our insanely damaging trade deals?  Or whether a guy who worked for Trump’s campaign was a dirt-bag and whether his “lawyer” paid hush-money (blackmail?) to two women who claim they had consensual sex with him?

Almost two years into the Trump presidency and these “journalists” still don’t get it.

Or is it that they hate him so much they just refuse to see what is in front of their eyes?

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