In case you are wondering what the faces of hatred, the calls for political violence, look like:

-A Times Square billboard paid for by dhvani, a Portland, Oregon company, shows the President of the United States tied up and stomped:

Image result for dhvani billboard times square

-Another billboard shows him apparently beaten, and gagged:

Image result for dhvani billboard times square

-And then there is this, put on social media by singer/radical leftist barbra streisand:


These are just a few examples of what is regularly put out by Trump haters like these.

Add them to the now-regular occurrences of street violence by antifa thugs and their pals against people attending Trump rallies or daring to wear Trump gear in public.

And where are our media on this?  You know, the folks that whine Trump is endangering them by calling what they pump out against him “fake news”?  How much coverage do you see from them detailing these ugly, truly dangerous images and behaviors?

In fact, most of such instances either go unreported, or get BS coverage like “the protesters were mostly peaceful, except, toward the end, when….” – which is the formula these thugs use every time, as anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows.

What does that make our media, if not allies of these dangerous, violent haters?  The ones who regularly, call for violence against our President and regularly commit violence against his supporters?

By their non-coverage of what is detailed above, they condone these actions.  They abet them.  They are, in a very real sense, in partnership with the people who are responsible for them.

These so-called “journalists”, apart from materially increasing the likelihood of political violence in this country, are a major disgrace to their profession.

I don’t know how the stain they have left can ever be erased.

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