I assume you are aware that mainstream media have been all over the Trump administration for a year regarding possible collusion with Russia during the presidential campaign.  Most of that time was before any indictments were handed down – and even the indictments (certainly for Paul Manafort, whose alleged offenses took place from 2006 to 2014) have nothing whatsoever to do with the 2016 campaign.

But what about the accusations of Democrat collusion?  Where are those same media?

I also assume – or at least hope – you know that, just after news comes out that The Podesta Group may be implicated in this investigation, Tony Podesta – long-time Democrat activist and brother of Clinton campaign chairperson John Podesta – suddenly resigned his position with The Podesta Group, which he co-founded.  And now, a week later,  Kimberley Fritts, the Podesta Group’s Chief Executive, has resigned as well — which pretty much ends the company’s existence.

From Theodoric Meyer’s article at

Kimberley Fritts, the longtime chief executive of the Podesta Group, is leaving the firm to start her own lobbying shop, according to three Podesta Group staffers.

Tony Podesta, the firm’s founder, tapped Fritts as his successor when he announced he’d step down as chairman last week, hours after an indictment was unsealed, charging Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, with violating foreign lobbying law. The indictment accused Manafort of hiring the Podesta Group to lobby for an ostensibly independent nonprofit that “was under the ultimate direction” of the Ukrainian president, his party and the Ukrainian government.

Fritts had been expected to relaunch the Podesta Group under a new name in the days after Podesta stepped down. But after more than a week of working to hammer out the details of what the new firm would look like, Fritts announced at a staff meeting late this afternoon, that she would resign and start a new firm, exacerbating questions about the future of the Podesta Group and its dozens of employees.

One Podesta Group staffer described Fritts’ decision as the next step in rebuilding the firm without Tony Podesta.

Translation:  a politically-connected (Democrat) company which has been enormously successful for years, suddenly has its two key people resign, and is apparently disbanding, just a week or so after we find out it may be implicated by the Independent Counsel.  But the company may immediately re-open under a different name, as if that ends the issue.

This is huge news.  Damning news.  News with an aroma of involvement in collusion that you can smell from here to campaign headquarters and back.

But….wait….it’s not the Trump campaign headquarters, it’s the Clinton campaign headquarters.

So, as a major story, mainstream media – which spent the past year keeping unevidenced claims of Trump collusion on the front burner, have essentially given it the one-day-and-out treatment.  Instead of front-page news, it almost immediately has been consigned to the “and-in-other-news” file.

How can they so clearly, so blatantly, apply such a double standard?

I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a two-word answer, with the first word starting with M and the second ending with S.  I strongly suspect you can figure it out…

…just as I strongly suspect you can see this as another example of why so few people trust mainstream media anymore.

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  • Here is the latest from Mueller’s investigation.
    Can someone explain to me what is wrong with what they describe Trumps team doing? It seems like a standard thing to me and doesn’t sound illegal in any way.

    From Reuters
    According to court documents related to Papadopoulos’ guilty plea, he reported to Clovis in an email on a March 24, 2016, meeting he had in London with a professor later identified as Joseph Mifsud.

    Mifsud in turn introduced him to a Russian woman and the Russian ambassador in London, and they discussed setting up meetings to talk about U.S.-Russia ties in a Trump presidency.

    The documents showed Clovis responded to the proposed meetings by saying he would “work it through the campaign.” While he told Papadopoulos not to make a commitment then to set up those meetings, he congratulated him for “great work.”

    In August 2016, after Trump won the Republican presidential nomination, Clovis encouraged Papadopoulos to “make the trip” when Papadopoulos proposed going to an off-the-record meeting with unnamed Russian officials, the court documents show.

    That is the big news that was leaked today.
    Sounds like SOP to me.

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