Ken Berwitz

We now know a lot about the “man” responsible for the Planned Parenthood massacre (with, I am sure, a lot more to come in the following days).

-We know his name is robert lewis dear.

-We know he has at least a two-decade history of offenses, including spousal abuse and animal cruelty.

-We know that he does not like Barack Obama.

-We know that, last year, he registered as an unaffiliated voter (no party) and as a woman (that\’s not a typo).

-We are told that he said “no more baby parts” when taken into custody, which makes it very likely that his target was not some individual at Planned Parenthood, but the organization itself.

-Several people who know him are saying that he was rambling and incoherent at times, but had no idea he would cause anyone harm.

I wonder if we will ever know enough about robert lewis dear to fully understand what he did at that Planned Parenthood location.  I wonder if we can.

Two thinks I don\’t wonder about, though:  robert lewis dear must either be jailed or institutionalized for the rest of his life…

…and that he – and people like him – should never, ever have been able to legally get a gun.

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