During shabbos (Sabbath – and also pronounced “shabbot”) services at the Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh a gunman entered the sanctuary, screamed “All Jews must die” and opened fire.

Initial reports (which may well change) are 8 dead and an unknown number injured, including three police officers.

It does not get more horrific than this.

More as it becomes available.


UPDATE:  Reports are that the shooter is someone named robert bowers.  bowers is described as a dedicated nazi.

And, before anyone tries to exploit this for political purposes, his social media posts make it clear that he did not like, did not support and did not vote for Donald Trump – at least in part because Trump was too comfortable with Jews.

FURTHER UPDATE:  I just put on MSNBC and heard some former CIA guy/Obama appointee named ned price trying to blame Donald Trump for this.  What a pig.

FURTHER UPDATE:  The total dead has risen to at least 11.  Unspeakable horror.

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