If you have a functioning cerebrum, and use it for, oh, maybe one second, you probably know that story about a 38 minute panic in Hawaii, when people were warned there were incoming missiles, was due to somebody just, accidentally, “pushing the wrong button” cannot possibly be true.

What are we being told here?  That he/she, and, presumably, other employees, have a “get ready for armeggedon” button at their desks, maybe next to the one they used to send out for coffee?

No.  NO.  Something happened there that we are not being told about – just as we are not being told the real story about over 500 dead in Las Vegas (They couldn’t figure out where the shots were coming from for 72 minutes, as they rained down on the people at that festival?  You’d have to be brain dead, zombified and on drugs to believe it).

And, if this weren’t clear enough already, we now find out that the employee who supposedly pushed the button – the one who wasn’t fired for it, just reassigned – is refusing to cooperate to authorities.


From Michelle Broder Van Dyke’s article at

The employee who sent the false missile alert in Hawaii, causing widespread panic and confusion, is refusing to cooperate with the investigation, a federal official said Thursday.

Lisa Fowlkes, public safety bureau chief for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), told senators in a hearing that she was generally pleased with the cooperation from officials in Hawaii, but that “one key employee, the person who transmitted the false alert, is refusing to cooperate.”

“We hope that person will reconsider,” she said.

Can someone explain to me why ‘that person” – who, we have been told, was just some innocent employee who made a little mistake – would not cooperate in an investigation?  Would not explain how it happened, so safeguards might be put in place to avoid a repeat performance in the future?

And can someone explain to me why “that person” is being ass-kissed as he/she stonewalls an investigation?  Why there is nothing more than a wistful hope that maybe, someday he/she will reconsider and help us out a little.  Why there is no immediate indictment and show-cause order issued, compelling him/her to do so under the most severe legal penalties prescribed by law?

There is more to this story than just some unfortunate acccidental button-push.  That is 100% obvious.

As it is 100% obvious that our mainstream media, in Hawaii and in Las Vegas as well, appear to have no intention, at least so far, in finding out what the real story is.


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