Please read this excerpt from Amanda Prestigiacomo’s article for….then see what you think about it:

On Thursday, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court sided with the state’s Democrats, allowing a three-day extension past Election Day to count mail-in ballots.

The vital battleground state’s Supreme Court “granted the Democratic Party’s request to order an extension of Pennsylvania’s Election Day-deadline to count mailed-in ballots for three days after Election Day,” The Associated Press reported Thursday afternoon.

The PA court has a Democratic majority of 5-2 over Republicans.

The ruling also “authorized the use of satellite election offices and drop boxes — which Philadelphia and its heavily populated suburbs are planning to use help relieve the pressure from an avalanche of mailed-in ballots expected in the Nov. 3 presidential election,” the AP added.

What do you think?

Well, the cynical among us would think that  the heavily-Democrat Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has given the party that refuses to require Voter ID, the party that fights updating voter registration rolls to eliminate dead people, people who have moved, etc., maximum opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities for fraud provided by mail-in ballots.

Would they have a point?

You decide.


  • It’s clear Democrats will do ANYTHING to get power. Why shouldn’t Trump nominate and the Senate confirm a Supreme Court Justice immediately?

    • Because of how they handled Garland when Obama was in his last year. I always try to be fair in my life and it doesn’t seem fair to push Trump’s pick through with under 2 months to go. I pray Trump is reelected and gets to select the next Justice.

      • Fair?! You want politics to be FAIR?! Why does our side have to play by the rules when theirs NEVER does?! Was it fair what they did to Michael Flynn and Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and Brian Kolfage and literally DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of others who we never heard of? This is a winner takes all fight for all the marbles. I honestly believe if we lose there will be a thousand years of darkness and I’m not exaggerating!

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