Remember when the Senate was about to pass a coronavirus bill?  Like about an hour or two ago?

Well here comes all-politics-all-the-time nancy pelosi to sandbag that legislation by putting out a BS “proposal” to boob-bait as many gullible voters as possible.

…I’ll let Emily Zanotti at describe this BS:

The Democrats, led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), pulled an eleventh hour political move Sunday night, voting to pull a massive coronavirus recovery package after spending days negotiating with Republicans and top administration officials, in order to produce their own hastily constructed stimulus bill packed with handouts to Democratic constituencies.

The move angered Americans who are desperate to find some solace in social and economic quarantine and incensed Senate Republicans who spent days at the bargaining table with prominent Democrats, like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), under the impression they were hammering out a mutually acceptable, bipartisan stimulus package that could get money to individual Americans quickly while preserving some funds for businesses that could suffer long-term financial harm.

Pelosi, who had been on recess, sheltering in her home district, returned to Washington, D.C., Sunday night and upended the process, ordering Senate Democrats to restrict voting, kill the bill, and make way for a second stimulus package, which will hit the House floor at 2pm EST Monday.

Early reports on the Democrats’ bill show a piece of legislation packed with handouts, bailouts, and cash offerings to the Democrats’ top constituencies, as well as provisions demanding enforcement of the Green New Deal, easing voting restrictions, and strengthening union allies.

A blind person can see that this phony-baloney “bill” is DOA in the senate.

But now nancy pelosi can pump out the lie that   “We tried to give everything to everybody but those damn Republicans only want to help the rich”.

And all it cost us was another day without a real bill that actually would be helping people…and another tanking of the stock market she can try to blame on Trump and Republicans, unless sanity prevails before the day is out.

What a reprehensible creature nancy pelosi is.  What an uncaring, unfeeling fraud – personally as rich as Croesus, but happy to screw over the very people she claims to be looking out for so she can score the cheapest of cheap political points.

She disgusts me.


  • Wait until you see all the BS she packed into that bill. unions, planned parenthood, carbon offsets, funding for green businesses, it goes on and on.

  • What should we expect from Nancy (hear me roar & see me rip) Pelosi? So darned consistent and diabolical. Gratefully her BS is being exposed and hopefully American Citizens are waking up in time for reelections. Surely we are not becoming acquiescent and brainwashed by the dark-side of politics? Repetition continues to be a convincing method of education and indoctrination. And sand-bag is a suitable description for her as well as an enema prescription!

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