There is absolutely no doubt that Democrat Speaker of the House nancy pelosi knew the COVID-19 coronavirus legislation she oversaw would never be enacted into law.  She may be heartlessly political, but she’s not dumb:  a comprehensive wish-list of socialist proposals inserted in the bill would never get through the senate.

This means that, almost three months after we became aware that the virus existed, and as tens of thousands in the United States are found to have contracted it and hundreds are dying, pelosi is intentionally wasting days – we still don’t know how many – with a stupid political game for the sole purpose of being able to get in front of the cameras and say “look at all the great things we wanted to give to you that Trump said no to”.

To make the public aware of pelosi’s macabre game, House Republicans put together a list – they refer to it as a “socialist wish list” – of all the items which have absolutely nothing to do with the COVID-19 coronavirus that pelosi tossed into her political-barf-posing-as-real legislation.  I counted 24 of them.

You can find the list in Dave Boyer’s article for the Washington Times.

But – in keeping with its usual suppression of Republican’conservative positions – if you google “Pelosi Socialist wish list” you will find exactly nothing from any of the networks or the New York Times or Washington Post or any of the other usual suspects.

And, yes, these are the same people who bristle with indignation if you dare to call them biased.

President Trump, while certainly praised for his handling of the COVID-19 coronavirus situation, has also been severely criticized by his detractors.  Some of that criticism – particularly based on the misleading, often contradictory statements he has made during his daily press conferences – is well justified.

But, aside from a few lunatics – mostly in the entertainment and cable news sectors, where ranting outlandish left wing moonbattery is often seen as a necessary résumé item – most people are not accusing Trump of intentionally holding up progress in dealing with this national crisis.

nancy pelosi, by contrast, has done exactly that.  She has intentionally held up progress in dealing with this national crisis, to score cheap political points.

Any sickness and death as the result of nancy pelosi’s intentional actions is on her head – not that it will cause her a moment’s pain.  Apparently, in pelosi’s world, tragedy in the lives of ordinary people is nothing more than collateral damage.

She is beneath contempt.

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