Today, Democrats have overwhelmingly (by a 203-32 vote) put Nancy Pelosi back in charge, by nominating her to be Speaker of the House again.

That’s right.  Nancy Pelosi:  78 year old, stumbling over her words, frequently losing track/becoming confused in mid-sentence serially confused in mid-sentence, Nancy Pelosi.

The same Nancy Pelosi who, the last time she was Speaker of the House, oversaw Democrats losing the house, the senate, a majority of governorships, a majority of statehouses and then the Presidency,.  And here she is again.

I’m sure this is thrilling at least one Washington insider:  fella named Trump, who emphatically stated his support for her re-ascension to Speaker of the House just last week.

And, nominated along with Ms. Pelosi, come 79 year old Rep. Steny Hoyer as Majority Leader and 78 year old Rep. James Clyburn as Majority Whip.

As for all those younger Democrat house members?  The ones who, biologically are Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn’s children – in a few cases, their grandchildren?  The ones who are for more likely to relate to the country’s mainstream demographics?

Sorry kiddies.  Not yet.  Keep waiting.  Maybe someday we’ll give you a seat at the table of power…but don’t hold your breath waiting.

Holy excrement.  What are Democrats trying to do?  Make Hillary Clinton look younger and fresher by comparison?

What a blunder this is.

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