…Wayne Allen Root, in his latest commentary, was nice enough to mention a few other things that happened this past week, all of which took a back seat (or no seat at all/unmentioned) to that chant:

–The Dow crossed 27,000 for the first time in history, and the S&P 500 broke 3,000 for the first time.        

— Food stamp participation is the lowest in 10 years (since Barack Obama).

— Border apprehensions reached the lowest level since March. Why? Because President Trump won the trade war with Mexican officials. They sent thousands of troops to their southern and northern borders. Mexico also agreed to keep the asylum seekers on its side of the border while their cases are being adjudicated. Trump won — again.

— The liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals handed Trump a victory on the issue of withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities.

— Trump announced new asylum rules that force illegals to apply in another country first. No more open borders. Middle-class Americans will applaud this news.   

-Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television… praised Trump’s handling of the economy. He gave Trump credit for the lowest black unemployment ever. He admitted Trump’s tax cuts led to this booming economy. He gave Trump a grade of A-plus for the economy… This lifelong Democrat says he isn’t supporting any Democrat for president in 2020.    

Did you miss any of those?  Maybe because media were too busy obsessing on the chant – which was a reaction to President Trump mentioning USA-hating Rep. ilhan omar – to bother with any significant reporting of them…

…or any significant reporting of the enthusiastically vile reaction of Netroots Nation participants to every insult and attack on Trump and the country just a week before?

That’s understandable.  And, given the “coverage” by most mainstream media, not at all unexpected.

But they do not play favorites.  They’re perfectly neutral.  Just ask them.

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