Our latest Paragraphs Of The Day winner is John Hinderaker, whose excellent commentaries can be found at

Here is how Mr. Hinderaker characterizes the Obama “recovery”…and how his supporters try – with considerable success among some population segments – to sell it as some kind of success:

The manner in which Democrats assign credit and blame is amusing. They claim, absurdly, that Obama reduced the federal deficit; they accomplish this sleight of hand by attributing Obama’s first year in office, when there was a trillion dollar-plus deficit because of the stimulus bill and other measures, to George W. Bush. Sure: we all remember Bush’s “stimulus” bill in FY 2009, after he left office.

On the other hand, they try to reach back to 2008, before Obama became President, to give him credit for saving the world economy through TARP. Are voters really dumb enough to fall for such silly tricks?

Yes and no. The true believers don’t remember the details and will buy anything. On the other hand, voters have a general recollection of how the economy has performed over the last 7 1/2 years, and it hasn’t been good.

And, to supplement his point, Hinderaker adds this chart, which brings it home in vivid detail:

Recessions Compared copy

That clear enough for you?

Mr. Hinderaker is nice enough not to mention the Obama “success” of 8 million new jobs is actually the tranformation of good-paying jobs to low-end employment and people taking on second-jobs – in part because ObamaCare, which Mr. Obama lied about every which way, has made it beneficial for employers to cut workers down below 30 hours a week to avoid its costs,

John Hinderaker wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for laying this out so very well….even if some people will do everything they can to ignore the facts he presents.


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