Ken Berwitz

Today\’s paragraphs come to us from Tom Shattuck, who writes for the Boston Herald.  

From a purely political perspective, I doubt very much that Mr. Shattuck laments what is almost certainly going to befall Bernie Sanders on this Super Tuesday.  But here is his take from the standpoint of moral indignation:

Bernie fought the good fight. And he fought fair – somewould say too fair. He was handed a hammer by CNN\’s Anderson Cooper with whichto hit Hillary on the email scandal back in the first debate.

Instead of swingingaway, Bernie buried it right there onstage, along with his candidacy. Hillaryreturned the act of kindness by thrashing him relentlessly on gun control andeventually evoking the Sandy Hook victims on the campaign trail.

Even if he had landedsome early punches, the fix was in. Hillary walked into the South Carolinaprimary with 453 super delegates already pledged to her. Bernie had 20.

The debate schedulegave Hillary cover when she needed it and expanded in her favor when the racegrew tight. 
Undoubtedly,Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, andformer co-chairwoman of Hillary Clinton\’s 2008 campaign, will be richlyrewarded for making sure the former first lady and former secretary of statenever did “feel the Bern.”

Bernie Sandersdidn\’t have a chance.

If Joe Biden had come into this race, I don\’t think Hillary Clinton would be in this near-certainly winning situation.  I wrote, numbers of times, that Ms. Clinton was not “inivitable” at all.  But once Mr. Biden said no….and, despite a few days last month when it looked like he might reconsider, apparently meant it for real….that was the end of things.  

Now, only the still-burgeoning email scandal – which media will no doubt continue to underplay and/or hide altogether – or Ms. Cilnton\’s health – always lurking in the shadows, are likely to stop her. 

Like Tom Shattuck said, “the fix was in”.  And his excellent, terse analysis of how that fix came to be is what wins Mr. Shattuck Paragraphs Of The Day honors.

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