Today’s paragraphs come to us from John Merline, one of the Investors Business Daily people who, jointly, have created the Issues and Insights ( website.

Here is Mr. Merline’s take on how President Trump is doing on the COVID-19 crisis, versus how our wonderful “neutral” media are portraying his performance:

The truth is that, for the left, no matter what Trump does, it’s wrong.

They attacked him in late January for issuing a travel ban from China, and “experts” claimed it would backfire. In fact, World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in early February that travel bans and restrictions weren’t needed to stop the outbreak and could “have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.”

There’s another problem with the left’s attempts to blame Trump — the data don’t support it.

As of this writing, there were 811 confirmed cases of coronavirus per million people in the U.S. In supposedly more enlightened countries such as Switzerland, the rate is 2,302 per million. In Germany, it’s 1,083. In Norway, 996.

The fatality rate in Italy is 12%. In France, it’s 10%. In Sweden, it’s almost 6%. In the U.S., it’s 2.6%.

In terms of deaths per million population, the U.S. ranks below Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and 10 other countries.

Whatever Trump is doing, it’s far better than those countries.

So, you have a pandemic that started in China, which then lied about the scope and scale of the outbreak. And a public health threat was initially downplayed by Democrats and the World Health Organization, in some cases long after Trump declared it a public health emergency.

But sure, let’s blame Trump for every death in the U.S.

Exactly right.

For the past week, I have pointed out how well we are doing, comparatively speaking, versus European countries, by evening out the population disparities.  The above analysis does it on a per-million and % fatality basis.

Different structure, same conclusions  Either way, the findings are what they are…and they are clear as glass.

I award John Merline Paragraphs Of The Day honors for getting this right – and, by so doing, jumping ahead – both informationally and honesty-wise – of the so-called “journalists” who have access to exactly the same information Mr. Merline does and dutifully ignore it on behalf of their Democrat masters.


  • Ken, why don’t you use as a source? They have been ahead of everyone on wuhan virus news.

  • Thank you Mr. Berwitz and Mr. Merline. I learned in the 1960s to consult at ‘least’ three materiel sources for research. By the 1970s it became obvious how important research can be when compared to media-publications. Our President will be challenged what ever choice he makes by the media-gone-wild.

    In the meantime a less celebrated expert has conflicting news compared with a Covid-19 tracker such as That would be Mr. Michael Levitt as featured in today’s John B. Wells News April 4, 2020. Mr. Levitt specializes in computational biology. Regardless who we trust this is an epic approach to protecting American Citizens by our President of all 50 states plus territories!

  • Victor Davis Hanson had an interesting stat, California has 760 deaths a day on average and this virus has only added an extra four deaths a day.

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