Today’s paragraphs come to us from Karen Townsend, writing for  They describe what must happen for Joe Biden – assuming he is the Democrat presidential nominee (that’s still not a certainty) to beat Donald Trump in November:

What Joe Biden has to hope for is that voters will begin to blame President Trump for the recession we are beginning to experience due to the great national hunkering down phase in stopping the spread of the outbreak. With unemployment numbers skyrocketing and businesses facing an uncertain future, the economy will not suddenly bounce back even if the coronavirus pandemic magically ended today. It’s going to be a long economic recovery. We know that the left has been hoping for a recession for some time now, especially with the success Trump’s economic policies have brought. As recently as last August, a recession was seen as the cure to oust the bad Orange Man from office. That was before the great American Impeachmentpoolza trial, though. During that fiasco, The Resistance and their cohorts in the media relied heavily on a conviction in the Senate to get rid of him.

Unfortunately for Biden and his campaign, Sleepy Joe is really not good during interviews. He consistently comes away with at least one flub for critics to latch on to, usually more. His history of gaffes isn’t so charming anymore. Trump supporters are enthusiastic and ready to go vote for his re-election while Biden supporters are simply settling for the one candidate in the very large Democrat field that the DNC decided had a shot at defeating Trump in November. Biden isn’t inspiring Independents to move to him from Trump and he isn’t intriguing voters with new ideas and big policy initiatives that they haven’t heard from everyone else.


My one dispute with Ms. Townsend is her suggestion that Democrats were relying heavily (or at all) on an impeachment conviction in the senate.   I disbelieve any Democrat in his/her right mind believed that 20 or more Republican senators (the minimum necessary) would vote to convict Donald Trump.

That aside, however, Ms. Townsend wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for laying out what Joe Biden would need to win and the reasons to disbelieve, as of now (nothing in politics is forever so this can change), that it is at all likely to happen.


  • If anything Covid-19 is helping Biden. The less people see and hear from him the better it has to be for his campaign.
    I think it also shows the power the msm have over Democrats.

  • Trump could have used the plan that was in place when he took over. How about someone compare what Obama’s plan was and what Trump has done instead??? Then we can compare real plans back to back for a pandemic. Maybe Obama’s plan was better.

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